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Maximise your paper-based test & assessment results.

Scan, manage and analyse
paper-based test marks.

Strengthen, challenge, and amplify the insight you have gained from marking test papers, then share with learners, leadership and school systems using your mobile device.

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Assess learner performance with concise, targeted reporting.

Identify next steps, compare curricular strengths and evaluate group and individual ability instantly. Engage, equip and empower your learners with the information needed to progress.

An example of the Snapgrade App on a mobile phone

Take the strain out of gap analysis.

Swap laborious Excels for fast, reliable and accurate scanning of test-papers that are designed to work for you and your learners.

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Get the Snapgrade App then follow the
simple instructions.
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Download and print Snapgrade supported
test papers.
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Administer tests then mark as usual using a red felt-tip or ballpoint pen.
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Scan tests and review analysis to help target teaching & learning.


You can download Snapgrade supported test papers using the links below and breathe life into your SATs revision immediately. These resources are freely available.

KS1 Mathematics

KS2 Mathematics

KS1 English

KS2 English

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